What is alpacasso?

Now, as a Japanese KAWAII stuffed animal, I introduce a stuffed doll of Alpacasso, a very popular character to Yumeka girls Lolita girls’ cosplayers all over the world including America, France, Spain, Europe, Russia, Malaysia, Asia etc.


What is alpacasso?



Alpacasso (Alpacasso) is a fluffy and rounded dumpling like dumpling cute color alpaca character ♡

It is a character that Amusuzu Co., Ltd. has developed as Alpacasso’s stuffed animals and key holders and collectibles, which are often seen as prizes of crane games at the game center.

Alpacasso’s stuffed toy is popular all over the world ♡

Alpacasso’s stuffed animal ♡

Mokomoko fluffy, cute like a pillow is cute!

Source: http: // alpacassoshop.tumblr.com/post/82667158681/%E3%82%A2%E3%83%AB%E3%83%91%E3%82% AB%E3%83%83% E3% 82% B% E 3% 82% B 7% E 3% 83% B 2% E 3% 83% B 2% E 3% 83% BD% E 3% 83% AA% E 3% 83% 9 C% E 3% 83% A 7% E 3% 83% B 3-ribbon-collection-alpacasso-16 cm

Source: http: // alpacassoshop.tumblr.com/post/82667158681

There are various alpacasos with various accessories ♡

Source: http: //fuckyeaharpakasso.tumblr.com/post/125458947539/yno-my-alpacasso-collection-%CF%89-got

Source: http: //fuckyeaharpakasso.tumblr.com/post/125458947539/yno-my-alpacasso-collection-%CF%89-got

Large size and small key holders and so on!

Alpacasso stuffed toys can be washed in the washing machine! What?

In this Youtube video, I am washing an alpacasso stuffed toy and drying it with a dryer.

Alpacasso can be taken at the UFO catcher at the game center ♪

Source: http: //weheartit.com/entry/group/24036804

Source: http: //weheartit.com/entry/group/24036804

You can get Alpacasso with a UFO catcher at the game center as a prize for the game.

[Youtube video] It seems that you are taking alpacasso with UFO game at the gamesen.

Alpacasso’s stuffed animals and goodies can be bought at the Amuse official mail order ♡

You can not get it at the game center easily Big stuffed toys etc.



Deluxe size large alpacaso stuffed ♪



BIG plush toy is about 3000 yen to about 3500 yen ♡





Cute alpacasso stuffed toy rucksacks and stuffed tissue cover are around 2700 yen ♪

Alpacasso cafe is popular abroad ♪

Alpacasso cafe is in Malaysia. Open for a limited time (until mid-November 2016) in Mid Valley Mefamall Aeon Mall ♪ Alpacasso Deco food and drinks are cute!

Many customers, such as overseas cosplayers and dreams, Lolita girls, posted on SNS.

29265536773 _ cb 5107 b 230 _ b

Source: http: //www.vkeong.com/eat/cafe/alpacasso-cafe-mid-valley/

【Youtube video】 You can see the state of the alpacasso cafe

Popular alpacasso video on Youtube ☆

Youtube channel, produced by Deerstalker Pictures , “Alpacasso’s sweets cooking” movie is very cute and dreamy cute and very popular with alpacasso fans abroad ♪

【Youtube video】 Alpacaso melts, how to make chocolate fondant cake Cooking ☆

The alpacasso ‘s voice is like a gentleman, surprised \ (◎ o ◎) /!

The food is coarse and coarse and cute.

【Youtube video】 How to make tulos of alpacasso Cooking ☆

A small alpacasso also helps ♪ Please try making them with parents and children ♡

It is serious thing that child alpacasso get caught up in cooking utensils !!

【Youtube Video】 How to Make Macaron of Alpacasso Cooking ☆ Alpacasso Decor Macaron ♪

Alpacasso says “Hello, your senior ♡ Alpacasso.” Date man ♪

【Youtube Video】 Alpacasso’s Vanilla Raspberry Cream How to Make Brulee Cooking ☆ Torobori Grilled Purin

【Youtube video】 Opera’s monster style Alpacasso’s Halloween, how to make chocolate tarts Cooking ☆

【Youtube video】 Sweet and sour of alpacasso’s Valentine’s Day Blackberry and chocolate How to make sexy moose parcha of ganache Kicking ♡

Alpacasso excited on the mixer is sexy. Alpacasso’s date is also after cooking. I confess my love. Richness

【Youtube video】 Alpacasso’s Christmas Stamp Shape Chocolate – How to Make a Retro Cake Cooking ☆ Busshu de Noel

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