The mini Christmas items at ZARA HOME , Francfranc , Flying Tiger

Christmas is gathering popularity in recent years, small size, decoration goods of size feeling to put in desk and chest. It is a pleasing point that you can feel free to decorate yourself even though you are living alone It is a pleasing point to have a christmas mood It is this year that minimalist design trees are released sequentially from various intelligent shops so pick up items that the editorial department is paying attention to.

ZARA HOME tree type candle

ZARA HOME is developing Christmas decoration with various tastes such as “CLASSIC” and “NORDIC”. A candle shaped reminiscent of a tree of 3,046 yen (tax excluded) is one of the Christmas goods which can be taken in easily. If you light a candle at the apex, a fantastic atmosphere will drift. It is wonderful even if some colors are different.

Christmas object of ZARA HOME

“NORDIC” From this item of taste, I picked up this flower base 7,398 yen (excluding tax). Because it is a simple design, if you combine flower and course, MERRY XMAS decoration 1,287 yen (tax excluded), transform into a fashionable Christmas object! The calm and chic color is mature, and it’s definitely sense-up to put it down.

Combine flower base 7,398 yen (tax excluded) and decoration 1,287 yen (tax excluded)

Francfranc’s desktop set tree series

This desktop tree series is attracting popularity every year. In addition to the green tree, there are also silver and pink, the price is S size 1,750 yen (tax excluded), M size 2,450 yen (tax excluded). Decorated ornaments and ribbons, desktop size, full design is too happy

Francfranc’s letter tree series

You can not miss the wonderful letter tree series that wintery wool material loves! Letter tree XMAS 2,000 yen (tax excluded), Christmas color which is red X ☆ MAS logo green is green, letter tree like NOON 1,500 yen (tax excluded) with Silver one color and choice my own preference. Because it is mini size, even if all the series are cute

Flying Tiger Copenhagen Candle

Proposal for Christmas goods which can be enjoyed with family and friends entitled “Come Together Christmas – memorable Christmas -“. Candle holder 150 yen (tax excluded), red and silver with a sense of lame are cute. It is an item with a decoration of pine cones and a small but perfect Christmas item.

Even if you can not buy a big tree, just add a Christmas taste item, your mood gets better. Let’s invite mini-size Christmas goods with casual presence and enjoy decorating yourself

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