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Kawaii fashion is one of most popular style for young people. Because it is so popular that you may see new magazines specialize in kawaii fashions.

This magazine is young as compared to many of the other magazines out there but it is making headwaves with the type of fashion it is covering. Koakuma Ageha has a cutesy take on the Lolita sub-fashion culture in Japan. Hence, if you’re interested in the Gothic, Cute, etc Lolita styles, this is the magazine is a good start for you. The magazines covers hairstyles, make-ups, latest fashion trends and targets young women who are into designer brands.

Well, it’s definitely an eye candy magazine that measures up in substance 🙂

Kawaii Megazine - ageha

Kawaii Megazine - ageha

Happy to see more and more kawaii fashion magazine, because it also means that we are more and more likely to get free gifts from magazines!

Source: fashion.3yen.com

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