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One of the best way to learn the Japanese modern culture is the read their comic books, watch their TV shows and see the Japanese girls fashion style.

While I was still in Japan, my housemate purchased the highly appropriately namedGothic & Lolita Bible. This thing was atome. It washuge. And fairly hugely priced at a bit under 2000 yen. TheBiblehas many articles, interviews with Visual-kei artists that goth-lolis so often idolise, catalogues, photos, manga and even outfit designs for budding cosplayers and gothloli heads. In theory, it’s published quarterly but don’t bet on that. It seems to be pretty erratic.

gothlic olita bible

gothlic olita bible


The Bible is a huge success in Japan (and around the world as Gothic Lolita and EGL became popular outside of Japan) and has spawned some spin-off magazines. TheGothic & Lolita Extra Volumeseems to be just a collection of things that couldn’t fit into previous volumes. It looks like there is only one of these, but more may appear in the future. TheGothic & Lolita Hair Make Biblefocusses obviously on the hair and make-up techniques and trends followed by gothlolis and finally theGothic Lolita & Punk Brand Book is basically just a catalogue of fashions available. It has photos of all the typical fashions you can find for sale along Takeshita-dori and Harajuku.

I’ve seen it available for sale in quite a few places, but you probably won’t find it at your local 7-Eleven store. Akihabara has stockists given that a few of the maids in the maid cafes also follow Goth Loli fashions. Our sponsors at JListwill sell you subscriptions, no matter where in the world you live.

Well, seems to me that the Japanese culture is totally different from any other country on Earth…  haha ~

Source: fashion.3yen.com

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