Cute Sumikkogurashi from San-X

Do you know the character “Sumikkogurashi“? It is one of the characters that San X (San-X) has released for several years. Appeared in 2012, the artist is a female designer who has just joined the company. By the way, the character of San-X is different from a mere cute character unlike many Rilakkuma and Tarepandan, Kogepan and Sanrio, and there are a lot of characteristic people who set it apart.

The main cast is Shirokuma, Penguin? There are five or five animals, cats, tonkatsu and lizards. “Serokuma” came to the south after being told that it was “real penguin” if it was cold and if you went south. “A penguin? Why? It’s really kappa if it’s attached, but the dish on the head is broken, and I’m not confident, I’m calling myself a penguin to make the body color green.

However, Kappa still likes cucumber. “Cat” is a vicious and secretly alive. “Tark” is actually a dinosaur, but it is likable and liars to be hated or feared. And “Ton-katsu” had a lot of fat at the end of the cut-to-cut and left it. These sober characters are on the wall, in the room, and on the trains, and they say they like “Sumikko”.

The train seat also wants to sit at the end, and even in a large room it freezes at the end. Furthermore, it is a hit not only for children but also for adults, as it matches well with the tastes of young people who expressed the characteristics of the Japanese people who will stand behind in the meeting and also like to stay quiet so as not to be noticeable recently. doing.

I have not had a relationship with a stuffed toy for more than 20 years, but now I have started to go to see my grandchild. Among them, Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Miffy are good, but somehow they are attracted to this character. The main item is fancy goods such as stuffed animals, but games are also released along with it, and there are songs. I feel empathy when I listen to this song, “Sumikko, Sumikko, Sumikkogurashi.” “Sumikko is calming down. Room, cafe or train. “I’m cold and weak, I’m not confident. It was a stranger, a lie and left. I don’t want to stand out, so I live quietly. ” Maybe I have a lot of elements like myself.

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