Cute Rilakkuma Sandwich

A popular Rilakkuma confectionery series such as “Punching mold set” where Rilakkuma shaped cookie escapes, “Deco stick chocolate type” which can easily decorate sweets only with commercially available sweets. This time, a cute “sandwich type” new for emergence of breakfast and lunch box is released.

Rilakkuma Sandwich cutter  / 800 yen (excluding tax) “Sandwich type Rilakkuma” is a convenient way to make a closed sandwich of rilakkuma’s face, with the face of Rilakkuma just by pulling out the ingredients you like between two bread buns item. Since the pushing molds are set, it is also possible to add expressions of relaxa such as eyes, ears, nose etc.
Of course you can enjoy arranging and changing sandwich ingredients, arranging curry baked sandwiches and curry bread, arranging freely.
You can also enjoy the delicious bread that you pull out and make the fruit stuffed into a fancy French toast, drop the egg and make fried egg toast
As well as events such as Christmas and Valentine, as well as usual breakfast and lunch boxes, try using cute Rilakkuma items to arrange them cute!

Product summary

【Sandwich type Rilakkuma】 Price: 800 yen (excluding tax) Release date: December 17, 2018 (Monday) Sales: mass retailers, home centers, official shop official store nationwide © 2018 San-X Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved .

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