Rilakkuma Train at Arashi Denki

You can catch a Rilakkuma train at Arashi Denki!
rilakkuma_randenArashi Denki connecting the sightseeing area Arashiyama from Shijyo Omiya in the center of Kyoto city to Rilakkuma specification.

In addition to car body decoration, a special train with original head marks and hanging jacks runs in the town of Kyoto. (Only one vehicle will be operated.)

Rilakkuma stamps are set up at movie village and sightseeing places and stations in Kyoto. A photo spot of the original illustration panel also appears. Let’s collect rilakkuma stamps while taking cute pictures!
9 stamp points in all. If you press stamps with 9 stamp points 3 or more, you will receive “special can badge”. (Limited quantity, it ends as soon as it is lost)

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