Kawaii Japanese Girls Style confused

Do you like the Japanese girls style? In fact there are a lot of different sub-cultures in Japan that even the Japanese girls get confused.

japanese girls style

japanese girls style

Japan iscaptivating,alluring, and holds usprisonerwith it’s endless amounts of eccentric cultural gifts; gorgeous fashions such as Gothic Lolita Style, FRUiTS style, Decora style, and the more generalized style term of:Harajuku Style.  Fashions that could either leave you in an awe-inspired wonder, or a state of bewilderment, depending on your taste and tolerance for eccentricity. 

How is Japan able to hold the attention of the world captive  Within the vast array of Asian countries, Japan’s culture has always dominated the scene, setting trends and spreading their cultural phenomenon worldwide. Citizens of the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Russia, and countless other countries find themselves infatuated withBuro Buro Dogs, Hello Kitty, or kawaii stationary. They find themselves clamoring overexpensive Japanese goods at rare Japanese import storesusually located only in major cities. We are all held prisoner by this strange charm.

So, which Japanese girls’ sub-culture(s) is / are your favorite?

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  1. Chandra Wijaya Says:

    I prefer harajuku style. Looks not to much but still sexy.. 😉

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