Japan girls “Makeup Lesson”

You may noticed that a lot of Japanese girls “make” themself look very similar…. seems that are copying each other…. or copying a common model….

In Japan, you don’t say “make up”, but “make”. And in Japan, before you put colour on your eyes, you change the shape of your eyelids to have a “fold” over the eyes, therefore making them bigger. Via Taro (at the news section of 3Yen), you can now see what it’s like to be a Japanese woman, on a daily basis.

Kawaii Style - eye makeup

Kawaii Style - eye makeup

The most popular plastic surgery procedure for Japanese and Asians the so-called “double eyelid” surgery to make slanted eyes rounder. Here’s a “Makeup Lesson” for eye gluing and taping to simulate round eyes.

Watch the video here.

Kawaii Style - eye torture strip steps

Kawaii Style - eye torture strip steps

 Ha ~~~  the video is quite scary, right ? I think that would be more make sense to do a one time cosmetic surgery  than doing something like that all the time….


Source: fashion.3yen.com

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