How to make figures that can be easily done

How to make a figure

It is the figure production that can be profitable as well as profitable hobby that can be easily done and can also be profitable to earn money. For cheap ones, figures can be made with paper clay sold at 100 yen shop.

Please try challenging figure making which you can feel free to start with.

First, I will show you how to make a basic figure.

1. Image making

First, I will draw an image of what I want to make.

If there are drafts seen from various angles, the image will also be concrete. Motifs are decided according to taste, such as people, animals, characters,Initially challenge from simple designWe recommend that you do.

2. Creating core

Next, make a core with a wire or the like.

If it is difficult to makeMake the wire thick with vinyl tape etc.In addition,Tissue paper rounded thinlyYou can also use it as a core.

Let’s roughly make a core, let’s adjust shape and pose while watching the balance of the whole.

3. Flesh finish

Flesh with applying clay from the top of the core.

At this time there is no unevenness or decoch – making, it will not finish cleanly,Use a spatula or stroke with water to smooth it.

After finishing fleshing the whole, put fine parts, color it with acrylic paint at the end, write your eyes etc. It is completion.

Of course, there will be times when it does not work out of the beginning. As you continue making, gradually improving, so challenging without giving up is a way to progress.

Clay is sold at 100 yen shop, handicraft shop, stationery shop etc.

Some shops deal with many types of clay, but how is clay different depending on its type?

Paper clay

First, the clay most familiar to us is paper clay. Paper clay,Processed finely chopped paper into clay formBecause it is light and easy to handle, it is often used for children’s work. However, it is easier for cracks to enter after drying, so caution is required for storage.

Stone powder clay

Gypsum clay which resembles paper clay at first glance,Crushed stone into powder, mixed with chemicals into clayis. It can be scraped with a sculpture blade, etc. It is characterized by ease of fine workmanship.

Resin clay

Commonly used for accessories etc.,Made from resinIt is resin clay. Even if it solidifies, it has elasticity and it is characterized by being difficult to crack.

In this way, there are features and disadvantages on use of clay depending on each type. Let’s try various clays first and look for clay with characteristics that suits yourself.

Based on the above characteristics, it can be said that it is a gypsum clay and a resin clay that are suitable for making figures. Let’s take a closer look at how you can make use of these two clays to make figures.

Let’s make figures with gypsum clay

Gypsum clay, compared with paper clay,Density is easy to make shapeSometimes, it is often used in figure making. Even if you fail to shave, you can rework clay with it, so it is also recommended as a clay handled by beginners.

Also, because it is thin and easy to stretch, it is also useful when expressing clothes with figures. In addition, because it is strong, figures of delicate design can be made if you improve.

Let’s make figures with resin clay

Resin clayResin clay, also called polymer clay,When it is dried like a bond, a transparent feeling comes out.It is a clay that can produce texture not found in other clays.

Because there are resilient resin clay and resin clay without elasticity, let’s use properly according to the figures you want to make.

As a craft item it is also sold at 100 yen shop, and it is also a great merit of resin clay that it is easy to get in.

In addition to figures, you can make decorative items such as fake food and fake sweets, accessories and so on. You may try not only for figures but also for making straps and miscellaneous goods.


While figure production is easy to start without hesitation, it is deep inside as far as possible. Not only clay but also spatula, sandpaper, acrylic paint are available at a low price so initial investment is less.

Depending on the type of clay, ease of making and finish change, it is fun of figure making with clay.

Even by manufacturers of clay, let’s check with actual use because there are characteristics respectively.

For those who want to increase their shaping power

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